St Richard's CE Primary


Curriculum Intent

Teaching of a Modern Foreign Language at St Richard's  aims to awaken curiosity and deepen pupils’ understanding of the world around them. Pupils are given opportunities to communicate for practical purposes, learning to understand and respond to speakers and communicate facts, feelings and ideas confidently. Vocabulary and grammatical structures are taught through a balance of written and spoken language activities, providing a secure foundation for the study of further foreign languages at secondary school and beyond.

Curriculum Implementation

In line with the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, modern foreign language lessons are only taught in Key Stage 2. In EYFS and Key Stage 1, the rigorous teaching of phonics and early reading, listening and writing skills forms the foundations for the introduction of a foreign language in KS2.

Key Stage 2

Pupils study Spanish from Years 3 – 6. The Language Angels resources are used by class teachers to ensure that accurate pronunciation and intonation is developed. The practical focus of each lesson, involving call and response, chants and role-play develops pupils’ listening skills and confidence in speaking. Understanding of the language and vocabulary is promoted through engaging songs, rhymes, and stories which the pupils really enjoy. Pupils build their confidence through communicating about familiar topics, such as their families, the weather, food, sport and their own interests and hobbies. Pupils’ curiosity about the world is fostered through learning about Spanish speaking countries and important Spanish cultural traditions and celebrations such as 'Cinco de Mayo'.