St Richard's CE Primary


At St Richard’s CE Primary School, our Christian vision underpins our intent for the curriculum.

The school curriculum, which follows the National Curriculum, is designed to maximise the potential of our children, in order to achieve the highest possible academic success and create pathways and opportunities for their future lives, guided by God. It is inclusive and values them as individuals; facilitating them in discovering their talents and interests regardless of their background, and preparing them for their next stage of schooling.

The curriculum is carefully considered and logically sequenced so that it builds upon children’s starting points and prior leaning, through the progressive development of essential key knowledge and skills. This enables our children to make links between concepts, committing information to their long-term memory, resulting in fluency across subjects - pupils remember more, know more and can do more. Reading is at the heart of our curriculum, as it underpins children’s ability to flourish in the wider world.

Exciting and engaging lessons, enhanced by first-hand childhood experiences both within and beyond the classroom, instil our children with a thirst for learning. Enquiry-based units develop children’s curiosity, critical thinking, resilience and self-belief. Through high levels of involvement, children develop positive relationships; learning how to work both independently and collaboratively.