St Richard's CE Primary


Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide an enjoyable music curriculum which gives pupils the opportunity to sing, play, create and perform, both individually and collaboratively. Developing musicianship skills, through active music-making and exposure to a global range of music, gives pupils a wide understanding and appreciation of music and feeds into their own creativity and self expression. Pupils become confident composers, creators and performers with an understanding of musical notation, the skills to critically evaluate their own and others’ performances and a passion to learn about and share their love of music.

Curriculum Implementation

Early Years Foundation Stage

In Nursery and Reception children begin to experience the joy of making music together, through singing games, songs, rhymes and listening activities. Using their bodies and untuned percussion, children learn to move and play in time to music. Children develop their ability to recognise and recall songs and to pitch-match, and are introduced to solo and small-group singing through games. Collective worship and Christmas performances give children opportunities to share their singing skills with the wider school community. 

Key Stage 1

In KS1 pupils enjoy whole class music lessons, using the Charanga music curriculum, where they learn about pitch, pulse and rhythm through songs, chants and musical games. Pupils are encouraged to discover and develop their singing voices and delight in learning ensemble skills with glockenspiels and other percussion instruments. Collective worship in school, at St Richard's Church and in weekly singing assemblies, gives pupils the opportunity to experience the joy of music as a part of a musical community.

Key Stage 2

In KS2, pupils’ active listening skills, appreciation of music and understanding of musical theory are developed through exploring classical musical, pop music, musical theatre and world music from around the globe. With singing and making-music together at the core, music lessons provide exciting opportunities to perform, compose and reflect, both as an individual and as part of an ensemble. Pupils further develop their confidence through the regular opportunities to sing in collective worship. In Year 6, the end of year production is a highlight of the school year as children work together on stage with great opportunities for both solo performances and chorus work.

In addition to the core music curriculum, we offer guitar lessons in school and a range of music clubs, including choir and recorder club.