St Richard's CE Primary


Admissions Arrangements and In-Year Admissions

Each year in September, we admit 26 children in the Nursery class (mornings only) in the term after the child’s 3rd birthday, and 30 children in the Reception Class (full time) after the child’s 4th birthday. We also provide before and after school care for both Nursery and Reception children.

Detailed information about the application process for Nursery and Reception places can be found in our Admissions Policy and on the Local Authority’s website.

If there are more applicants than places available, the LAC will admit children according to the over-subscription criteria, which is detailed in the school’s Admissions Policy.

We also have places in other year groups. Applications to other year groups are known as ‘In-Year Admissions’ and these are coordinated by the Local Authority. Further information can be found on their website.

We are proud of our school so we encourage prospective parents to look around before applying for a place. Prospective parents are welcome to make an appointment to see the school at any time by telephoning the school office.

Admissions to the ASD Unit

Please note admission to our ASD unit, The Ocean Centre, is through Hounslow SEND department.

Appeals  Form & Timetable

To appeal against an admissions decision, please complete an Admissions Appeal form and submit it to the LDBS Academies Trust Company Secretary - by the date shown below.

This timetable is in accordance with the School Admissions Appeal Code 2012

Offer letters dispatched

16 April 2023

Deadline for lodging appeals

21 May 2023

Appeals (if submitted on time) will be heard by1

16 July 2023

Late appeals will be heard

Within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals or 30 school days of the appeal being lodged, whichever is the later date. 

Notice of appeals panel

10 school days prior to the hearing.

Deadline for additional evidence from parents and from the Trust

12:00pm (noon), 7 school days prior to the date of the appeal panel hearing.

Decision lette sent to the appellant

Normally within 5 school days from the date of the appeal panel hearing.  Appellant will be notified if otherwise.

 Admissions Appeal Form