Year 6 Residential: Day 4

Year 6 Residential: Day 4

What a brilliant final full day here at Paccar. The children have just had their lights turned out and many are saying they don’t want to leave tomorrow (including Megane – who would have thought it!)

The children have really got into the swing of camp life and it’s routines. They have also formed great relationships with the instructors.

Today saw us taking in part in both old and new activities. This morning we did Nightline – the blind obstacle course in the woodland – and Abseiling. The centre has a new abseiling wall that is higher than their previous one. Teagan was today’s top abseiler, as she really got the hang of the technique and whizzed down in no time.

In the afternoon we played team building games in the adventure area and tried out a new activity, which everyone loved (including Miss Chesson and Mrs Knock) called Quick Jump. This involved stepping off a very high platform, either forwards or backwards, attached to a special harness which slows your fall. It gives the sensation of free-falling but without going splat at the bottom! Bravely, all the children did it even though some were very nervous.

Dinner was a favourite – burger and chips – which we then ran off playing Capture the Flag in two teams. Miss Chesson’s team were victorious due to their teamwork and tactics. Clearly, the team building activity earlier in the day paid off .

We finished our last full day roasting marshmallows on a campfire  and drinking hot chocolate.

Tomorrow looks like it will be another great one, as we’re doing a favourite activity from last year and another new activity which promises to be adrenaline fuelled.

Night night!


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