Year 6 Residential 2017: Day 3

Year 6 Residential 2017: Day 3

The children took part in some new activities today, as the Paccar site continues to be updated and developed.

So after a breakfast of sausage sandwiches (yum!) we went off to Rifle Range and Orienteering. As the temperatures were high again, it was rather pleasant to navigate through the shady woodland using maps of the site to locate orienteering control points, often found high up on trees. It was also refreshing to be in an air conditioned hut to shoot air rifles. The children were very good at following the safety instructions and learning to aim for the target.

In the afternoon, climbing was the name of the game. One group went off to tackle the climbing wall, whilst the others went to take on the new Gladiator Challenge. Gladiator Challenge involved climbing a vertical obstacle course of poles, cargo nets and tyres. After the children had attempted it once, the second time they had to do it blindfolded! This helped some children, who are afraid of heights, go higher than ever before, as they were unable to see how high they were. Special mention goes to David and Tara who showed real courage today in overcoming their dislike of heights.

The evening activity was field games. The children played an assortment of games including Snake, Stuck in the Mud, Kick Rounders and Football. It was a joy to see the children laughing and enjoying themselves, as they played with the three Paccar instructors.

They are all now totally worn out and tucked up in bed, resting ready for more adventures tomorrow. Rain is forecast but we’ve all got our waterproofs so there will be no stopping us!

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