Year 6 Residential 2017: Day 2

Year 6 Residential 2017: Day 2

We had some very sleepy children this morning, as many didn’t fall asleep last night until midnight! But after a hearty breakfast of bacon rolls, cereal, toast and fruit juice, we set off for today’s activities.

The morning sessions were Twin Zips and Pedal Karts. The children enjoyed sailing through the woodland on tandem zip lines. All of the children participated except one, and although he never braved the zip, he went up onto the platform three times and showed great courage and resilience. Apart from one crash into the bushes, pedal karts were a huge success.  The children loved racing round the dirt track and even created their own tournaments and races.

After lunch we we made our way across the site to the new Archery arena and Crate Stacking area. These have been much improved since our visit last year. Jemma and Maya were the queens of crate stacking, reaching an impressive 14 crates in height: a feat that can only be achieved through excellent teamwork and communication. In archery Joseph, Dylan and Leah showed themselves to be awesome archers with great aim and scores on the targets.

And now we have just returned from songs and dances around the camp fire. We are sure the children will come home singing the many songs that they learned this evening repeatedly over and over again, as they have been since we got back.

As it has been a busy day in the summer sunshine, we are hopeful that they will soon all be fast asleep (fingers crossed!)

More tomorrow…..

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