It is important that your child attends school regularly and arrives on time at the start of the school day. Good attendance and punctuality at school will help your child achieve in the classroom and help them learn the importance of not being late.

The school target for attendance is 96%

Attendance and punctuality is taken very seriously at St Richard’s and is monitored closely by the school’s Leadership Team and Governing Body. Trends in lateness and absence will be quickly identified and appropriate action taken. An Educational Welfare Officer may become involved if there are ongoing concerns about your child’s attendance and punctuality at school.


The school gates are opened at 8.30am to give children time to make their way round to their classroom doors. It is expected that all children are on the playground and ready to enter their classrooms at 8.40am.

Being late can be distressing for your child as it is embarrassing and doesn’t allow them the opportunity to settle into the school day alongside their peers. It is also disruptive as the class teacher usually gives the class important information about the day ahead, which is interrupted or has to be repeated for latecomers. Furthermore, learning activities commence at 8.50am in most classes, so lateness often results in missed learning time and further disruption to the whole class.

If your child arrives at school after the 8.40am bell has been rung then you must sign your child in at the school office. Arriving later than 8.40am will result in your child being recorded as late.


At St Richard’s good punctuality and attendance is rewarded each week. The class in each Key Stage with the highest weekly attendance over the school target is given special class privileges and pupils with 100% attendance are given an award at the end of each school term.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, you must call the school office by 9.30am giving your child’s full name, class and the reason for absence.

Coughs, colds, sore throats etc. are common in schools and unfortunately tend to spread quickly, especially in the winter months. It is important that we teach children to be resilient when coping with minor illnesses such as these and they should try and attend school. If we feel your child is not well enough to be at school, we will contact you to come and collect them.


Holidays during term time are not permitted and will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Any absence during term time that is not due to illness requires a “Request for Absence” form to be completed. These are available from the school office.