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The Governing Body

 What is the Governing Body?

The Governing body is made up of individuals drawn from different parts of our school’s life: parents, staff, members of the community, and church. Governors are ordinary people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education.

What do Governors do?

Governors work with the school leadership to ensure high standards of achievement for all children in the school by:

  • Setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

How do I make contact with Governors?

Many of our non-staff governors are frequently in school and at school events, and are always happy to have a conversation about any aspect of our school’s life.

However you can also contact the governors by asking the school office to pass on a message or by emailing them at:


Who are St Richard’s School’s governors?

In addition to the Head Teacher (and Deputy Head who attends as an observer), our Governing Body is made up of ten elected members, plus the Vicar of St Richard’s Church:

  • 6 Foundation Governors (2 elected by the LDBS, 3 by the PCC of St Richard’s Church, and 2 by Hampton Deanery Synod)
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor
  • 1 Staff Governor
  • The Vicar of St Richard’s Church (ex officio – meaning the vicar is not elected but is a member by right)

Our current Governors are as follows:

Mr Mark Frost, Foundation Governor, Chair

(Term of Office ends 11.01.19)

Mark is head of transport at Hounslow council and was has been a governor of the school since Autumn 2013 and chair since Oct 2015.  He has responsibility for providing oversight on a number of areas of the curriculum and also oversees the use of the pupil premium grant. Mark lives in Kingston with his wife and four year old daughter.

Revd Dr Craig Holmes, Ex-officio, Vice-Chair

Craig has been vicar of St Richard’s since Oct 2010, and a governer since 2011. Although he is most often in the school to support its religious life, he loves learning, having had a previous life as an atmospheric scientist. He also loves running, gadgets, motorbikes and his wife and 2 children, though not necessarily in that order.

Mrs Karen Harrison, Foundation Governor


Karen is Head of Governing Bodies Support in Hounslow, and has worked in governance and school improvement since the early 80s. She has been a governor at our school since 2013, and is also on the Governing Body of a primary school in Ham which gained ‘Governor Mark’ in recognition of good practice.

Mr Graham Madge, Foundation Governor


Graham first became a parent governor in 1989 and has been a governor most of the time since. He has held the positions of Vice Chair and Chair, including the period running up to becoming St Richard’s School. Graham is committed to helping the head and staff improve on the already rapidly improving standards.

Mrs Rachel Vaz, Foundation Governor


Rachel joined the Governing Body in 2015, when the school became St Richard’s, and is a church PCC member. She used to be a primary teacher and is committed to supporting the school grow and develop.  Rachel also has two boys who attend the school.

Mrs C Van de Pol, Staff Governor


Mrs Lorna Bruce, LA Governor


Lorna has been on the Governing Body since Sep 2011, originally as a staff governor, although she now works in another Hounslow Primary school. As a teacher, Lorna is able to support and challenge on a range of teaching and learning aspects. She has recently returned, after taking a few months off, following the birth of her daughter.

Ms Hayleigh Cowell, Parent Governor


Hayleigh has been a governor since 2012. She is NVQ 3 practitioner at the neighbouring St Richard’s CE Playgroup where she has worked for 8 years. Hayleigh’s 2 children have both attended St Richard’s. She is also the chair of the school PTA and is active in lots of areas in the school’s life.

Ms Sally Wyeth-Isaacs, Parent Governor


Sally has worked in schools for 12 years in a variety of roles, 6 of those years being in a specialist setting for children with very challenging behaviour. She is also a mum to 5 children, and understands the challenges and difficulties that raising children can sometimes bring. She enjoys being able to help others and is happy to put her knowledge and experience to good use as a Governor.

Mrs Colleen Diduk, Associate Governor



Key issues considered during 2015/16 include:

  • The successful development of the new school, its aims ethos and values; and how we would expect to see these demonstrated around the school and in daily practice
  • Regular focus on the quality of teaching and learning and the progress children are making, and our progress on development priorities
  • Determining admission criteria to maintain our desire for St Richard’s to be a fully inclusive school that truly serves its whole community – those of the Christian faith, those of other faiths and those of no faith
  • Putting in place a stronger, more resilient leadership team by appointing a new Deputy Headteacher , creating a new Assistant Headteacher position and appointing a School Business Manager
  • Ensuring the safety, security and wellbeing of our pupils and staff by checking that our policies and practice comply with or exceed statutory requirements and are effective.
  • Agreeing the budget and regularly reviewing financial information
  • Putting in place a work plan to ensure that over the course of a year all essential issues are addressed
  • Individually becoming more known by school staff and involved in LA and Diocesan groups
  • Involvement in school Self Evaluation including reviewing our own effectiveness and progress, conducting a skills and training audit and assessment against Ofsted criteria
  • Identifying that interaction and communication with parents is an aspect we want to develop
Workings of the Governing Body

The governing body does not distribute its work amongst committees; instead we meet monthly as a full Governing Body. Advantages are that all governors have involvement in all of the key issues, such as the quality of teaching and finance. Issues can be tackled promptly by the full GB and time is not wasted reporting committee decisions.

However as a result of this review we did decide to create more named governor roles, to enable individual governors to look at an aspect of governance work in more detail which included visiting the school and meeting with relevant school staff. Named governor responsibilities can be found below.

Named Governor Responsibilities

Admissions Committee: Rev Holmes, Mrs Hurst, Mr Madge and Mrs Vaz

Curriculum and Standards:

  • Mrs Bruce – Marking, Literacy, Sex Education
  • Mr Frost – SMSC & British Values, Numeracy, Pupil Premium
  • Mrs Vaz – EYFS, Religious Education and collective worship

Headteacher’s Performance Panel: Mr Frost, Mrs Harrison and Rev Holmes

Health & Safety, Premises: Mr Madge

Inclusion and SEND: Ms Wyeth Wyeth-Isaacs

Parents, Pupils and Community: Rev Holmes

Pay and Performance Panel: Mrs Bruce, Mr Frost, Mrs Harrison, and Rev Holmes

Senior Appointments Panel: Mr Frost, Mrs Harrison, Rev Holmes, Mrs Hurst and Mr Madge

Attendance and Register of Interests

A record of governor attendance at 2016-17 full Governing Body meetings can be found here.


A register of Governors’ interests can be found here.

Governor Statements of Interest

Mrs Bruce: Assistant Headteacher, Hounslow Town School; married to Councillor Tom Bruce, Cabinet Member for Education and Children’s Services, London Borough of Hounslow

Mr Frost: ‎Head of Traffic & Transport, London Borough of Hounslow

Mrs Harrison: Governor at Meadlands Primary School, Ham; Head of Governing Bodies Support Service, London Borough of Hounslow

Ms Wyeth-Isaacs: Partner of The Hazeldene Workshop, supplier of wooden shapes

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